Response from Hon. Hugh J. Flemming

Response from Hon. Hugh J. Flemming

Ms. Lenora Brace,

Dear Ms. Brace:

This is in response to your email dated March 25, 2019, titled Innovation for clear understanding in which you inquire on recent events with respect to nurse practitioners working in private practice in New Brunswick.

Nurse practitioners are a valuable part of our health care system, providing essential primary health care services to the population. The majority of nurse practitioners in New Brunswick are employed with a Regional Health Authority; however, all nurse practitioners provide primary health care within an employed setting.

Our Government is committed to increase the role of nurse practitioners in the delivery of primary care in the province. Earlier this year, the Department of Health consulted with key partners, such as the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, the Nurse Practitioners of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Medical Society, to gain different perspectives on how the nurse practitioner role may be increased to improve access to health services.

Implementing additional primary care service models is very important to this Government’s plan to deliver quality and effective health care to New Brunswickers; however, Government does not support primary care providers, including nurse practitioners, charging New Brunswickers for insured services.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.