Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner

Montreal, QC

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Nurses practicing by telepractice within Company abc do so in accordance with applicable legislation regarding the use of information technology and are subject to the laws, regulations and codes of ethics governing the profession in the province or territory in which they perform the act and those governing the profession in the province or territory where the client is located at the time of the remote consultation. Upon hiring, the nurse receives training on telepractice standards of practice, including session confidentiality, emergency protocols, reliability of mobile devices or other applications, interoperability of applications or software with the systems used, and data security. A nurse practicing telepractice is subject to the same requirements and standards of practice, duties and ethical obligations as in an in-person consultation. She remains responsible for the actions she takes and is professionally liable. Virtual consultation is only possible when no assessment and physical examination is required. In the event that the nurse is called upon to perform remote procedures in other provinces or territories that require it, she or he must obtain, at the request and expense of Company abc, a permit to practice in these other provinces or territories.

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