Remote Nurse Practitioner

Remote Nurse Practitioner

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Dialogue is a fast-growing Canadian telemedicine company that serves over 800 patients per day on our web and mobile application. Our mission is to make Canadians happier, healthier, and performing at their best by helping them access health and wellness resources wherever they are, whenever they need it! We view ourselves as a complement to the public system, never as a replacement.

As a Nurse Practitioner, you will perform virtual patient encounters via secure video at the location of your choice. Scheduling is shift-based, therefore you can easily add on to your existing workload. You will perform end-to-end consultations remotely with patients: from history-taking, to diagnosis, investigations and treatment, to follow-up appointments. And you can send your prescriptions directly to the patient’s pharmacy (when appropriate).

It is important to note:

– Your work at Dialogue will not affect your status with the public health system;
– You are fully protected by your professional order, the same as with conventional care;
– Our care processes are 100% aligned with regulatory guidelines.

What can Dialogue offer Nurse Practitioners?

1) Flexibility – we understand you have a busy schedule, so at Dialogue you can work at the hours and from the locations that are most convenient for you;
2) Highly competitive pay… and no overhead costs!
3) A team of supportive, hard-working, and caring individuals who will ease your work burden and help you learn and grow professionally;
4) The opportunity to contribute to the future of healthcare.


– Perfectly bilingual in written and spoken English & French (accent in either language is ok);
– Have completed a masters degree in advanced practical nursing or a complementary diploma in primary care;
– Member in good standing of the College of Nurses of Alberta, holding the title of Nurse Practitioner in Alberta;
– Dynamic and open to using technology as a tool for patient care.

Job Application Methods

Apply online: