2020 NPAC-AIIPC AGM Minutes

2020 NPAC-AIIPC AGM Minutes

NPAC Annual General Meeting Minutes

October 25, 1:30 – 3:30 PM EST

LOCATIONWebinar & TeleconferenceQUORUM (Y/N)YES  
ATTENDEESBOD: Teresa Chulach, Lenora Brace, Lindsey Cassell, Jinelle Woodley, Carolle Nazair, Stan Marchuk   Members: Chantal Ricard (NB), Lee Holliday, April Steele, Cathy Scofield-Singh, Andre Robichaud, Patricia Robinson, Lisa Guidry, Marcie, Deb Fraser, Lynne Theriault, Henri- Pail B.     Regrets: 
1)Introduction & opening President: Lenora Brace Meeting opened– EST 1:47 
ICN – Definition of Nurse Practitioner Scan of NP’s Across the country 
2) Approval of minutes – Sept. 22, 2019 (Secretary Director – Teresa)Motion to approve the minutes   Motion:  Lindsay   Second: Carolle.   Passed    
3) Additions to the Agenda – additions provided 4) Approval of the Agenda (President – Lenora B.)Motion to approve April Steele.   Seconded: Carolle N.   All in favor:  Passed 
5) Treasurer’s Report Treasurer Director  (Jinelle Woodley)Reports & budgets posted quarterly Treasurer report. No questions. Expenses & Income discussed 
6) Budget (Jinelle Woodley)Both Treasurer and Budget reports accepted 
7) Membership Update, Membership platform  (Stan Marchuk)Presentation: Membership/ province Membership categories discussed.  Members > 500, all jurisdictions. New Membership platform discussed.    
8) NP Council Update (NP Council Director – Lindsey Cassel)Meetings q 2 months – Information sharing re provincial and national NP work.  No Yukon NP council member Quebec:  Extreme barriers to NP practice   End of Lindsay’s term as NP chair. 
Advocacy Communication and Insurance Campaign (Lenora B.)Multiple letters and projects discussed NPAC: recognized Stakeholder by many groups. 
ICN NP/APNN 2021 HalifaxMay be completely virtual due to COVID-19 
NP of the Year Award  2019 – no nominations 2018 – Kelly DunfieldForthcoming announcement
NP Week – (President – Lenora B.) 2nd full week in November Nov. 8 -14,2020. Lenora Zann: potential for Federal ProclamationGoal:  federal proclamation of NP week. L. Zann (MP) – willing to speak in house re this Social media & documents during in week
CIHI:  to publish NP Scopes November 12, 2020 to align with NP weekDiscussion re report illustrating provincial scopes of practice & differences in legislation. Planned release Dec. 2020.  Need more country wide universality to promote license portability. 
Membership importance (Stan Marchuk) Membership growth Membership ambassadors are the provincial NP leaders Discussion re Block membership, fees, and the importance of this.  NPAC – National NP -Voice; engages with ICN (International level).  CNA partner 
ICN link is the CNA (Lenora B.) NPAC has an open inquiry to ICN to determine if NPAC can be part of the ICN federation as a stand-alone national association of Canadian NP’s. Update provided  Question:  re International NP association. Association is through ICN – NP/APN – complex at international level.  
Fee Perspective (Lenora Brace) 7, 136 X $70.00 = $499,520 Powerful vision for future of NPAC to support NP advocacy and continuing education   Snapshot of CNA – refer to their reportWhat would it mean if every NP in Canada is a member of the NPAC association?  Increased income for NP work!   Discussion:   Comparisons:  CNA Income sources. US -National NP association membership 
CCRNR engagement for consultation: (Lenora Brace) In 2018 the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR) commissioned the NP Regulations Practice Project, which is governed by a national Steering Committee chaired by, Katherine Stansfield, CEO/Registrar, College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba   The Steering Committee’s mandate is to develop recommendations regarding six basic elements of a Model for NP Regulation for CCRNR’s consideration- Entry Level education programs Entry Level examination Standards of Practice Continuing competence requirements Registration renewal Re-entry to practice The Steering Committee has examined the current state for each of the six elements and received general support across jurisdiction for advancing key concepts and directions overtime.    Questions to post the CCRNR: *Entry level RN years of experience *Residency consideration *License clarity *License portabilityDiscussion re phases, provincial involvement, goals, NPAC involvement, NP representation, and historical evolution.  .  
Pan- Canadian Title Alignment and License Portability (President – Lenora Brace)Goal: everyone licensed as NP – with license portability. 
Bylaw Amendments  Vote via google form    Discussion of amendments. Voting to Bylaws via google platform – For each of the motions for each article Passed for each one.  Motion: That amendments be accepted First: Second: Opposed:  NONE    Bylaw amendments passed for 2020   32.2 – National voice for NP’s in Canada – perceived conflict of interest. Motion: Lindsay Second: April Steele Question: how long does the conflict last? Is it re-assessed?  Lenora & Stan clarified. Discussion. Aye: approved 92.3%  Nay: 33.1- NP student director  Motion: April Steele Second:  Deb Fraser  Aye: Passed with 100%    Nay  33.0   Description of Offices Motion: Lindsay Second: Jinelle Aye: Passed with 100% – professional development    Naye: Fully actionable by-laws.  
14. Current Two-Year Terms as Directors  (President – Lenora Brace)   Teresa [FT]        Jan 2018- AGM 2020 -Secretary Stan [2nd FT]      Jan 2018 – AGM 2020 Membership Lenora [PT]        May 2018 – AGM 2020 President VACANT [PT]                  AGM 2020 President Elect Lindsey [PT]       Sep. 2018 – AGM 2020 NP Council Chair Carolle [FT]        Jan. 2019 – AGM 2021 Communications Jenelle [PT]        Feb. 2019 – AGM  2020 Treasurer     *NP student director:  *Professional Development Director:  *Full term [FT] *Part of a term [PT]15:16:  Call for nominations from the floor No nominations prior to this AGM Discussion re start of term and mentorship .  ** If no nominations at AGM, will do call out. Bylaw ‘s guide extensions of term.    Lenora President -Discussion: time frame for new president role.    April Steele: Acclaimed – professional development director                NPAC will be sending a call out for nominations.      
Call for nominations for directors  Seconder of nominee Description of Director role read 2 minutes to speak to fulfillment of the role Vote by polling if more than one nominated Acclaimed otherwise.    
Added agenda items: (not discussed)   Barriers to independent NP practice Education  
Draw: $100 for an AGMWinner –Deb Fraser:  donated back to NPAC  

Motion to close:  April Steele   Second: Cathy Scofield-Singh   

Adjourned:  3: 33   EST