NPAC BoD Meeting Minutes – October 9, 2019

NPAC BoD Meeting Minutes – October 9, 2019

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NPAC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2019 7:30PM EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)

LOCATION Teleconference  QUORUM (Y/N) Y
ATTENDEES Lenora Brace, Teresa Chulach, Jinelle, Stan, Lindsey, Carolle  
Introduction & opening Lenora opened the meeting at EST  7:35  
Approval past minutes Sept. 5, 2019 Motion to approve: Jinelle Seconder:  Stan                Approved  
Approval of Agenda    Motion to approve   Lindsey   Seconded: Jinelle              Approved  
ITEM -completed Discussion ACTION Required
ICN NP/APN  2020 – 1.Sponsorship Bronze $5000,000 not taxable – 50% paid- remainder due March 2020 2.A full conference registration will be drawn for a new member and a renewing member  Discussion: draw date & eligibility   Announce NP week: Renewing membership Eligibility: NP week – Dec. 31, 2019 – full conference registration New members: Jan 1- Feb. 28, 2020 Eligible for full conference membership. Draw Mar 1, 2020
Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) Martin Reed, the Chair of the committee notified Lenora that CEO of CAR cancelled the project    No action required  
NP of the Year Award No applications to date (Lindsey)  Discussion re current advertising and criteria.  Discussion re criteria for application  Nominees must be members. October 31, 2019 deadline.  $500. Carolle will send reminders to contacts
20 hours a month for VA  Need to be cognizant of use.  $800 monthly
Duncan’s cost for Bilingual Website development    $500
Bylaws (done and being reviewed) Strategic Focus translation in process for posting to Website.  October 7, 2019: VA has used 11.5 of 20 hours In process
NPAPN Registration for directors (Lenora)  1.Lenora EOC member has complimentary pass 2 We have 1 complimentary pass for the $5000 sponsorship 3. I propose the $800.00 registration & gala tickets be paid for all of us by NPAC who want to attend. If we get a President-elect that person can have this as well. 4. We are responsible for our own travel and accommodations. Book accommodations early  Discussion re NPAC BOD attendance.     Ongoing discussion
It is time to send out a call for President Elect (Lenora) Deadline to apply Nov. 16, 2019 the end of NP week. Announcement will be by Nov. 30, 2019  Vote: Yes Discussion re competencies needed for position.  NPAC to be involved in review process. Lenora will send out a call for President – Elect. 
Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (Lenora) Wed, May 27 – Friday, May 29, 2020 Claims and Anti-Fraud Conference, Windsor, Ontario  Discussion re cost, collaborative work with this Association and Importance of NPAC to take the lead with this. Stan has interest NPAC BOD to review & decide
Membership software option: (Stan) Stan working with data base architect on Guild platform: Information provided. Ongoing 
NP Week – Nov. 10- 16, 2019 (Stan) Discussion re proclamation of NP week.  Stan will amend Proclamation letter. NPAC BOD to share any promotional material they have
Form 4006- Was it signed by all directors?  (Lenora)    Carolle: will scan Lenora: send to Teresa to file 
Project home page messaging:  RE:  the importance of NP’s sitting at the National Table and importance of being a member 2/6 completed the worksheet as of Oct. 7, 2019    NPAC to complete worksheets NPAC to have future vote
Can we ask member to send photos of themselves etc. to use in social media membership drives?  (Lindsey or Lenora)  Discussion re obtaining pictures of NP’s in practice: Scrolling piece on Web page Ongoing 
Follow-up with CNA – NP Insurance Barriers (Stan)     : Josette’s email CNA new Lead: Government Relations: Sarah Nolan Discussed  
Current Two-Year Terms as Directors: Teresa [FT]        Jan 2018 – AGM  2020 Secretary Stan [2nd FT]      Jan. 2018 – AGM  2020 Membership Lenora [PT]        May 2018 – AGM 2020  President Lindsey [PT]      Sept. 2018 – AGM 2020 NP Council Chair Carolle [FT]       Jan. 2019   – AGM  2021 Communications Jinelle [PT]          Feb. 2019 – AGM 2020 Treasurer    
2020 NPAC AGM (Lenora) Held during the ICN NP/APN Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia  Potential for 4 new directors or renewal if necessary. A call will need to be sent out May- June 2020. Anne Keller, venuewest event planner August 30 – Sept. 2, 2020.   We need a date and estimated timing, as well as an estimated number of attendees and required set-up would be helpful.  50- email sent to Deb and Anne      We can co into more details regarding Food & Beverage and AV in the future            Theatre style AGM  
Quarterly Newsletter by communications director; input from Board. to include Treasurer report  sent by EA via MailChimp to members; website post Treasurer report simplified version prepared for website quarterly end months March, June, September & December.  ____________________________________________   Approved meeting minutes:  NP Council & BOD meeting: Posted:  members only section website: 1-year duration Succinct minute taking. Translation:  Carolle: send translated minutes to Lindsey or Teresa – whichever is applicable  Lindsey & Teresa – send minutes to Duncan to website post      
Submit for expense reimbursement for out of pocket costs and include receipts. Don’t put expenses on NPAC Visa care on your expense claims.   All invoices and expense claims to be sent in a separate email to: Send all invoices to Kerri & Jinelle are organizing in QuickBooks. Reimbursements are e-transferred by Jinelle to you.   Exact receipt amounts 
Wage coverage for directors attending national table events. NOT conferences (Lenora)    
NB  Conference has a block membership Recent conference  Support $500 Vote:  YES Jinelle (Treasurer) will send e- transfer & letter from President
NPAM conference – Winnipeg  November 15-16, 2019 NO one attending They have a Block membership Support?  $500. Vote:  YES Jinelle (Treasurer) to send e- transfer. Letter from NPAC president 
Newfoundland Conference?  NO conference      
Additional agenda items will be asked for at the beginning of the meeting and will be added     
Quebec – President Provincial Association – Carolle in discussion with them Discussion – interested to become NPAC & NP council member   

Adjourned:  EST:  9:23 EST (10:23 AST)                          

Next BOD:  October 30, 2019 7:30 – 9:30 EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)