NPAC BoD Minutes – September 5, 2019

NPAC BoD Minutes – September 5, 2019

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NPAC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2019 7:30PM EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)

LOCATION Teleconference  QUORUM (Y/N)
ATTENDEES Lenora Brace, Teresa Chulach, Jinelle, Carolle, Stan  
Introduction & opening Lenora opened the meeting at 7:52 EST     
Approval past minutes July 10, 2019 Motion to approve: Jinelle Seconder:  Lenora                 Approved  
Approval of Agenda     1 item added Motion to approve:  Jinelle Seconded:  Carolle                Approved  
ITEM -completed Discussion ACTION Required
President Elect Alison Ross resigned August 19, 2019 Discussion re change -over with email and credit card changes

Paperwork has been done for Corporations Canada. All directors must sign. Secretary keeps this and is stored in Google docs.
Circulation of Corporations Canada document. All NPAC BOD members to sign  
Reminder:  Recovery email – Important for ease in transitions of directors     
Bilingual Website: All translation is completed.     
ICN NP/APN  2020
1.Sponsorship Bronze $5000,000 not taxable – 50% paid- remainder due March 2020
2. A full conference registration will be drawn for a new member and a renewing member 
Alison said she is willing to have her address to continue to be NPAC corporation address.  Vote Yes or NO Cost is 200.00 to change.   Alison address to remain as Corporation address Jinelle will maintain contact with Alison every 4 months to confirm address
Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR)
Martin Reed
Teleconference in Sept. sometime
In Person in winter sometime 
  Lenora will do teleconference. In person attendee to be determined pending availability.
Advocacy lead federally prior to fall election. There may be an option for a social media campaign with NS Virtual Services    Social media kits not suitable for NPAC needs.  Discussion re video of NP
Discussion re letter to all Ministers of Health
Social Media Kits available from NSVA
Jinelle will collaborate with Lenora to edit.
Membership software option: (Stan)

NO fee changes this year 
Regular member: $50.00 + tax  
Associate member: $55.00 + tax
Student: $20.00 + tax
Cost of stripe / Cost of member        
Lenora and Duncan have also been involved in this discussion.  

NPAC needs to be visible as the representative of NP’s across the country  

Discussion re the possibility of NPAC working in collaboration with Nurses protective society to offer Liability insurance.  

Discussion – some type of insurance or legal support – since many NP’s not in collective agreements.   
NP Week – Nov. 10- 16, 2019   Proclamation – discussion  
NP of the Year Award (Lindsey & Lenora)
Call needs to go out for submissions – must be active member in good standing to submit and must be active member in good standing to receive the award. Also do we want to consider that in the future only associations with block memberships can participate? 
Discussion re enlisting the assistance of last year’s winner (Kelly Dunfield).    

Members in agreement to enlist K. Dunfield to be involved in 2019 NP of the Year Award. 

Discussion re linking block membership re NP award – pros and cons.   
Carolle to contact Lindsey

Lenora will send form to Carolle for NP of the year.
Project home page messaging:  re (Carolle)
1) importance of NP’s sitting at the National Table
2) importance of NPAC-AIIPC membership  
We need someone to take the lead on this project. Communications director is ideal for this.
Carolle can work in liaison with new virtual assistant – Mariam.    

Discussion re NP desire for simple brief communication 
Follow-up with CNA – NP Insurance Barriers (Stan, Lenora & Carolle):
Josette’s email
CNA new Lead: Government Relations: Sarah Nolan
With NPAC support – CNA will launch in Oct. 2019: campaign to advocate for NP in relation to Insurance Barriers  
National Insurance conference: 
Presentations /discussions how NP’s can be incorporated, and barriers reduced.  Will be opportunities for NP’s to use Form letters, recognizing the NP as a provider under the Insurance plan.
AGM Preparation:  Webex Polling available (Lenora)   Sept. 22, 2019     6:00 pm EST      AGM Preparation – Bylaw amendments are ready. Stan will monitor responses during AGM and provide vote response.  Only regular members will receive the login to the page link with Bylaw amendments voting platform in google forms Jinelle will provide the Treasurer report and a Budget Stan will you provide an overview of number of members per province and territory. Reveal strategic plan—in development.  $100.00 draw for attendee   Need to disseminate Bylaw information through a link    Do we want to add the Bylaw changes that directors are included in the AGM quorum?  – YES     Quorum will be 20 voting members and directors combined; 50% of directors required.    .  
RNAO invitation to be a panel member for NP Task Force:  Vision for Tomorrow for Ontario NPAO was not invited Discussion re this. Marnie Wilson (president – NPAO) has been recommended as the representative on this Task force  
Current Two-Year Terms as Directors: Teresa [FT]        Jan 2018 – AGM  2020 Secretary Stan [2nd FT]      Jan. 2018 – AGM  2020 Membership Lenora [PT]        May 2018 – AGM 2020  President Lindsey [PT]      Sept. 2018 – AGM 2020 NP Council Chair Carolle [FT]        Jan. 2019   – AGM  2021 Communications Jinelle [PT]          Feb. 2019 – AGM 2020 Treasurer Will need a President – Elect  Discussion:  A call for this position at AGM    Call for this position at NPAC AGM – Sept.  22, 2019. 
2020 NPAC AGM (Lenora) Held during the ICN NP/APN Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia  Potential for 4 new directors or renewal if necessary. A call will need to be sent out June 2020.   Anne Keller, venuewest event planner   August 30 – Sept. 2, 2020.   We need a date and estimated timing, as well as an estimated number of attendees and required set-up would be helpful.  50- email sent to Deb and Anne       We can co into more details regarding Food & Beverage and AV in the future    Discussion re fees for attendees who were members of National Advanced Practice Association – possible discount           We need to have numbers of those in attendance as well as those that join from a distance. 50 suggested as an estimate. Call out in June 2020 for new NPAC BOD positions 
Strategic Focus Titles (Lenora) *Advocacy *Collaboration with National Stakeholders *Engagement with Nurse Practitioners *Support for Canadian NP Associations  *Sustainable    *Value *Visible     
Quarterly Newsletter by communications director; input from Board. to include Treasurer report  sent by EA via MailChimp to members; website post Treasurer report simplified version prepared for website quarterly end months March, June, September & December.  Each new report will replace the previous one.   Were the June reports done and sent to be on website?  Documentation can be with a word document or Canva. We had a delay in posting to the website due to EA changes   
Approved meeting minutes:  NP Council & BOD meeting: Posted:  members only section website: 1-year duration Brief minute taking. Bilingual highlights:   Carolle. Lindsey & Teresa – send minutes to Duncan to link when ready and after deciding if Carolle will do mini translation.       
Submit for expense reimbursement for out of pocket costs and include receipts. Don’t put expenses on NPAC Visa care on your expense claims.    All invoices and expense claims to be sent in a separate email to: Send all invoices to Kerri & Jinelle are organizing in QuickBooks. Reimbursements are e-transferred by Jinelle to you. Question about meals while doing NPAC-AIIPC work: Do we cover per diems OR reimburse receipts?    Discussion re declaration of costs on the expense sheet – Decision:  must have receipts for exact amount. NO pre-diem    Kerri will clarify on expense sheet form   Lenora will look at how wage coverage is done 
  Wage coverage for directors attending national table events. NOT conferences (Lenora)   Discussion: re BOD having to negotiate time away from work paid to do the NPAC work –  
May 27, 2019 in Montreal, Quebec for 2019 Choosing Wisely Canada National Meeting: Taking Action (Lindsey – a brief update)  Defer – Lindsey away Choosing Wisely wants NP to review Choosing Wisely lists annually Lindsey to discuss next meeting.
NPAO conference: Toronto, Sept.  12- 13, 2019    ?
NPAM Conference – Winnipeg November 15-16, 2019    ?
Newfoundland Conference?     ?
AGM – September 22, 2019 6:00 – 8:00 pm EST     
Financial statements on the website added  Discussion – re where reports are posted. Carolle will f/u with Duncan
Pragmatic subscription – currently paying for 2 platforms Discussion re cancellation for Pragmatics    Cancel pragmatics

Adjourned:  EST:  9:26 EST (10:23 AST)                          

Next BOD:  October 9, 2019   7:30 – 9:30 EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)