NPAC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – February 27, 2019

NPAC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – February 27, 2019

7:30PM EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)

LOCATION Teleconference  QUORUM (Y/N) Y
ATTENDEES Lenora Brace, Teresa Chulach, Alison Ross, Lindsey Cassell, Stan Marchuk Carolle Nazair
Introduction & opening Lenora opened the meeting at 7:36 EST     
Approval past minutes February 6, 2019 Motion to approve: Carolle Seconder: Alison                       Approved  
Approval of Agenda  Items to add Motion to approve:  Lindsey Seconded: Alison                      Approved  
ITEM -completed Discussion ACTION REQUIRED
CTFPHC Reviewer Request       NPAM Chair has agreed to do:  Ashley Pylypowich
Staples order in progress for logo pens and logo Notebook – Budget 1000.00   Order in place
Business Cards   Almost ready to order
Bilingual Website   Jose working on Translation & Duncan will build site 
Update on NP Title survey Response reviewed  
As the directors of the national NP association are we presenting our credentials with clarity? Discussion credentialing and education order Each member to document Business cards as appropriate
Recovery email- suggest it be   Discussion re feasibility Need good transition process with member turnover Lenora will f/u with Duncan  
New expense sheet and bookings  EA working on this Revisions in process
New Visa Cards. Treasurer transition Card transition in process. Members initiate conference bookings and then submit claims
 Feb. 13th contact form request          Our survey is designed to obtain information about access and barriers to gender- affirming surgery to test our hypothesis that these vary across Canada. Margaret Lawson, MD., MSc., FRCP, Pediatric Endocrinologist, Ottawa  Discussion – Agree to support this survey Lenora to connect with EA to ensure surveys distributed appropriately
 NPAC-AIIPC   AWARD   – Alison  Any other awards?  Discussion – This award to remain as NPAC’s single award To continue with NP of the year – NPAC-AIIPC award
Bylaw Amendments:   Discussion of voting process, AGM quorum, issues related to AGM Amendment review complete: sent to EA insert google voting platform  
AGM planning, we need to give 1 month notice to membership   -we need and want to be completely ready:  Bylaws voting tested and reviewed by us, translated website, Treasurer report, Budget development. Date to be determined:  Discussion re positions and reports to be finalized. In process 
Quarterly Newsletter to include the Treasurer report    Treasurer report in a simplified version to be prepared for website quarterly end months March, June, September & December   Each new report will replace the previous one    Approved meeting minutes from NP Council and our Board meetings will also be put on members only section of website and new minutes will replace the previous.   Try to keep minute taking brief. When bilingual site is functional maybe Carolle can do highlights of minutes in francais. Lindsey and Teresa will send to Duncan to link when ready and after deciding if Carolle will do mini translation.   Discussion re format of this with links for details, in addition to links to access membership Carolle – will develop and send to NPAC BOD for feedback   Lenora to send Briefing note to be linked from website
Conference support and event attendance    
Consideration:  NPAC BOD to book travel & submit expense claim for reimbursement    BOD submit expense claims or connect with NPAC card holder to book arrangements
Quebec conference April 4-5   Discussion re political climate in Quebec for NP’s President presenting on April 5, 2019
Alberta conference April 6-7     Stan & Alison attending
NPANS May 2-4 [attending evening 2nd & Saturday]   Lenora presenting May 2nd Booth presence/ Carolle attend?
15th Annual Saskatchewan Nurse Practitioner Education Conference  May 3-4, 2019 Saskatoon, SK   Teresa
May 27, 2019 – Montreal, Quebec – 2019 Choosing Wisely National Meeting: Taking Action    Lindsey & Lenora 
BC Conference May 30- June 1   Alison
NPAO conference – Toronto September 12-13, 2019   Booth option Carolle?
Advocacy national invitation – Pan -Canadian Vision for Nursing Roundtable from PNATF.   Lenora Ottawa June 12
NPAA   conference (Alison) Wine & Cheese – NPAC to present for 10-15 minutes   Alison and Stan to follow-up re this.
Research policy (Stan) Discussion re update  Lenora will send for member to vote   
Ad Banner (Lenora) – Stan – update from Duncan Discussion Ongoing 

Adjourned:  9:37– EST; 10:37 – AST

Motion to Adjourn:  Lenora   

Seconded:   Carolle 

Next BOD meeting will be scheduled: Wednesday, March 27, 2019:   7:30 – 9:30 EST