NPAC-AIIPC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – January 16, 2019

NPAC-AIIPC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – January 16, 2019

January 16, 2019 7:30PM EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)


LOCATION Teleconference QUORUM (Y/N) Y
ATTENDEES Lenora Brace, Teresa Chulach, Alison Ross, Lindsey Cassell, Stan Marchuk, Carolle Nazair
DIDN’T ATTEND Kianda Mauch


Introduction & opening Lenora opened the meeting at 7:34 EST & welcomed everyone  
Approval of past minutes

December 19, 2018

Past minutes presented

Motion to approve: Stan

Seconder: Alison


Few corrections made

Approval of Agenda

–       Items to add

Motion to approve:


Discussion completed.






Virtual Assistance Decision to Vote on – (Lenora) Will transition from EA to VA.  BOD request info re scope. VA- will not attend meetings Lenora will move forward with this.
Mailing address Change:  Brief discussion change from EA to Presidents.  – (Lenora)  Corporate Address – Alison -Alberta  

Mailing address for the Bank: Lenora.


Alison – Corporate Address

Lenora- Bank mailing address and General mailing address but not

Corporation Canada

Memberships CNA Network of Nursing. Specialties for 2019 $200.00:  To vote on (Lenora) Discussion re value of NPAC being part of this. Is this the link to ICN Lenora will seek information about the linkage
Communication Officer – Update

-2 interested in Bilingual NB (Lenora)

Carolle –address added to Corporations.

Her Bio will be obtained and posted.

Carolle to transition into the BOD – Welcome!
Canadian Association of Radiologists (Alison)




CAR Guidelines sent out:  BOD to review.  CAR seeks NPA top priority guideline.  CAR Seeking NPAC stamp of approval. BOD to review guidelines for 1st priority and send to Alison
Fitness to drive study (Alison)


Seeking funding.  Requesting verification of ongoing NPAC support. Letter of support done – deadline was Jan. 15, 2019
Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association (Joan Weir): No date for presentation confirmed. Power point in process – for BOD review once complete. Lenora to connect with Joan Weir


Pan Canadian NP Title Alignment

PNATF Briefing from NPAC

No further contact from CNA

Briefing Note in process; will be presented by Michele Acorn to PNATF

Discussion re importance of NP Title Alignment.  Saskatchewan example cited.


Lenora & Stan continue with Briefing note

Lindsey:  contact Sask – NP council rep re process used for making NP Title changes.

Monkey Survey re Title NP’s prefer

Discuss and vote – do we do this


Discussion re benefit. Lenora will set this up  



Membership Options – discuss & vote on (Stan) Discussion re options.  Discussion re need to communicate benefit of membership.

Options discussed:

1.     Individual –50.00

2.     Block –40.00

3.     Provincial body – not Block member – Annual fee of 500.00

Membership platform to change

Every NP council member: NPAC member


Stan will work on briefing message to send to NP council


Website – almost ready to have bilingual site.

-Transparency is being requested by membership

-Members to access all areas of website

– Link to NP council minutes will be added under NP council documents – Link to BOD minutes and to member site

– Link to Financial statements – add to member site monthly

– Applicable taxes will apply to membership and service we provide (Lenora)









Minutes – 2 line – discussion – output


Post – simplified Financial statement. – Quarterly review by accountant


Taxes should be applied on membership

depends on the province.





Lenora to link with Kianda re applicable taxes






HST # – (KIanda)



  Accountant to assist Lenora to f/u with Kianda.


Mission Statement (Stan)   TABLED 
Bylaws and correct format for Bylaw Revision

-Editorial changes can be done in 1 Vote

-The voting method in Bylaws is too expensive and we can change this (Lenora)

Establish response time expectations: Discuss:  decide (Lenora) Turn around time — ~ 5 days  
President is attending a teleconference Jan. 22, 2019: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Re: Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control (Informing BOD)    
Lyme Disease Toolkit   Teresa forward info to Lenora – will disseminate to members



Adjourned:  – EST 9:30 Pm – AST 10:30


Next BOD meeting will be: scheduled:  Feb.  6, 2019 –   8:30 – 10:30 AST