NP Council Meeting Minutes – March, 2020

NP Council Meeting Minutes – March, 2020

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NPAC NP Council Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2020 7:00PM EST

ATTENDEESCindy Fehr (MN), Lenora Brace (NPAC), Lindsey Cassell (NPAC), Stan Marchuk (NPAC), Chantal Ricard (NB), Claudia Marino (ON), Sheila Laity (NT), Ann Summach (AB), Mary-Elizabeth (AB), Deborah (NS), Chelsea Rogerson (PEI), Tamara  (BC)
                                             DISCUSSION ITEMS & UPDATES
Welcome & Introduction (Lindsey Cassell)Lindsey: NP Council Chair: meeting opened:  EST 7: 10     
Approval of minutes:  January 13, 2020 Approval of Agenda  Minutes approved: Deborah   Second: Mary Elizabeth Agenda:  Cindy F.                   Second: Deborah        
Update: Guild Platform for National and provincial associationsLindsey:  IT person reviewing platform before NPAC commits. Detailed report tabled  
President-Elect Director role vacant (Lenora Brace)Not filled. Call for up-coming Director roles: April /May 2020; AGM vote   
Discussion about federal health funding in provinces where private practices are occurring (read attached article regarding Manitoba) -health-transfers-threaten-Ottawa 1.5477585?fbclid=lwAR1vWQW-0ZSNtz6iV67uqDKmbwD69RPGvXGSBbb3NJ-DFMSiiRNzmuBdLuA (Lenora Brace)Updates provided re situation and political climates, along with discussion of the issues.   Manitoba, Nova Scotia, BC     
 Update on CIHI scope of practice (Lenora B.)Update provided re the reports that have been received with exception of the Yukon. Visualization tool to be compiled.  Discussion and comments from various provinces: Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Alberta, BC, NFL,   

Adjourned:  Motion: Mary Elizabeth               Seconded: Deborah Hart

Adjourned:           8:09             EST 

Next Meeting:  Monday, May 4, 2020 at 7 PM EST 

– Final meeting until August 2020 – NP/APN – Halifax