NP Council Meeting Minutes May 4, 2020

NP Council Meeting Minutes May 4, 2020

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NPAC NP Council Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2020 7:00PM EST

ATTENDEESCindy Fehr (MN), Lenora Brace (NPAC), Lindsey Cassell (NPAC), Stan Marchuk (NPAC), Sheila Laity (NT), Mary-Elizabeth (AB), Deborah (NS), Chelsea Rogerson (PEI), Christine (Quebec), Carolle Nazir (NPAC), Teresa Chulach (NPAC),  
                                             DISCUSSION ITEMS & UPDATES
 Welcome & Introduction (Lindsey Cassell)Lindsey: NP Council Chair: meeting opened:  EST 7:05  
 Approval of minutes:  January 13, 2020 Approval of AgendaMinutes approved: Deborah   Second: Mary Elizabeth Agenda:  Chelsea                   Second: Cindy       
 Update: Guild Platform for National and provincial associations (S.  Marchuk)External review of Platform done Costs need to be reviewed. Discussion re other possible capabilities. 
 Provincial partner conferences scheduled for 2020 and NPAC AGM for 2020 (L. Brace)Discussion re collaboration with provincial partner Discussion re AGM 2020. Considering student rep. Planned provincial meetings:   BC- Sept. 17- 19, 2020    /    Sask: Nov 13-14, 2020   Manitoba: Nov. 13, 2020   /   Ont:  Sept. 24, 2020 Quebec: no date – planning for 2021.  Alberta: meeting cancelled Nova Scotia: no conference / PEI: no conference NFLD: no update?  / New Brunswick: Fall meeting cancelled     
 CIHI – Data (L. Brace)Update provided. All legislation does not always reflect knowledge & scope of NP’s.  NPAC plans to publish findings.   
 NP Education support (Deb- Nova Scotia)Funding not getting to NP’s in practice. Discussion re different models currently in practice in various provincial / Territorial jurisdictions. 
 NP Graduate exam (Cindy)Cancelled NP license exam cancelled. Discussion re extra responsibility & work with mentoring – extended.  Discussion re arrangements in various jurisdictions with reference to NP licensing and the authority to work (especially with respect to effects Of COVID-19 pandemic0.    Limitations in Long term care in some jurisdictions. . 
 Rejection of NP lab requisition (Dynacare- NFLD) Panorama (Harmony Test) Prenatal diagnostic testing  MD signature required required Discussion: patient concerns, safety, need for public education. Advocate for change: Collaborative written communication from NPAC and Provincial jurisdictions. 
  Open Forum for council discussion  

Adjourned:  8:47   EST           Next Meeting: September 14, 2020 at 7 PM EST