NPAC-AIIPC NP Council Meeting Minutes – January 2019

NPAC-AIIPC NP Council Meeting Minutes – January 2019

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NPAC NP Council Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2019 7:00PM EST


LOCATION Teleconference QUARUM (Y/N) Yes
ATTENDEES Dani Daigle (NNPBC), Frankie Verville (SANP), Cindy Fehr (NPAM), Claudia Mariano  (NPAO), Laura Gould (NPNB), Raelynn Lagace (NPNB), Chelsea Rogerson (PEINPA), Deb Hart (NPANS), Lenora Brace (NPAC), Lindsey Cassell (NPAC), Stan Marchuk


REGRETS Becky Sheppard (SANP), Ashley Pylypowic (NPAM), Dawn Tymianski (NPAO), Marnee Wilson (NPAO), Kirk Dawe (NLNPA), Alisa Fowlow (NLNPA), Alison Ross (NPAC).




Welcome & Introduction –     Lindsey: NP Council Chair: opened the meeting:  7:05 EST

–     Welcome to all provincial partner attendees

NP Council

–     Approval of agenda

–     Approval of past meeting minutes

–     Additional items to add to the agenda

Agenda:  Approved:

Minutes approved:  Dani Daigle

Second:  Deb Hart






NPAC Call for nominations for Communications Officer Update Call out for Bilingual officer — need this to be inclusive of French speaking.  No names put forward. Separate email sent to New Brunswick.  Another call will be put out for a Communications Officer. If anyone knows of anyone who is interested – to notify Lenora (person cannot be on provincial Board)

-If no one takes the position prior to the AGM – it will be put forward at AGM.  Unable to do more than one person — because not provided in By-Laws — can only be one Board Member

Cindy:  Manitoba – wondering if a communication team can be built.? need for more than in one person.  Possibly the person who the Board is considering as a (CE0)

Stan:  could possibly look at in the future in terms of resources with possibly a staff member rather and BOD role

Claudia:  will share with Ontario members – can contact Lenora:  we might not have the funds for paid staff person

Deborah:  question re conflict of interest if person is on ICN

Lenora:  explained re the demands of all the roles. Need to mentor new NP’s to do advocacy work.


Any suggestions for Communications Director to be forwarded to Lenora.


If the position is not filled by the AGM – a call for this position will go out at this meeting




Insurance NP Signing Authority

-Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (Joan Weir) Update


 Lenora:  will be doing a power point presentation – to identify and highlight that even though we are > 5, 000 NP’s Joan Weir – Insurance Association – states they do not hear from NP’s > Lenora has communicated to her about the need for patients to have equal access to health care products — prescriptions, no matter how the prescriber is.

-Probable date: end of Feb.  2019/ Early March


Lenora to do a power point presentation end of Feb.  2019 or beginning of March to Insurance Association


Pan Canadian NP Title Alignment

-PNAFT briefing from NPAC

-CAN approached on the topic



– Lenora – had conversation with David Bryer – no longer with NPAFT—She had conversation with him articulating the importance of Title clarification.  David inquired:   – how does it harm the public?

NPAC – has been doing a search on importance of Title Clarity — request for articles re the importance this.   clarity.  Role and Title clarity are both important with one influencing the other.

Michelle Acorn: now the contact person at PNAFT

Briefing NOTE – sent to Stan – one-page document on the importance of this with research that substantiates the argument.

Title clarity will help us with regulators.

Email sent to CNA   — as per request from Michelle Acorn:

Frankie V (Sask) – put forward a motion to have RN dropped from Title – they are tilted as RN- NP.  Media – made confusion re RN and NP.  There have been issues with Public perception.

Melanie Rogers: Network Chair – has spoken to the importance of Title Clarity.

Ruth Martin Meisner — suggested as a contact person. Another was Denise Bryant- Lukosis

Lenora: made comment that CNA not understanding of NP needs and the importance of Title clarity. Want to work with them.

Cindy (Manitoba) had a positive discussion with Claire Beckford – Nursing Association –   understands the need for Title clarity. Suggestion to reach out to this person

There was discussion about the need to have NP’s within CNA. Health Canada is also aware of the need for Title Clarity.

Opportunity to do a publication on the importance of Title clarity.

Question:  Is it worthwhile for NPAC to send out a survey about Title protection?

–       Deb (Nova Scotia) supports this

–       Stan – thinks it would be interesting to see what members think:  PNAF – Title would have to occur in legislation.

–       Claudia (NPAO) – Title protection and regulation – another avenue – Canadian Council of Nurse Regulators – uses term Nurse Practitioners in most of their documents. (Ontario – Title is protected by the College),

–       Cindy – Katherine Stanfield – person in Manitoba – contact for Canadian Council of Nurse Regulators.

 Portability of NP Licensure in Canada (Stan Marchuk)







Membership Overview

–       Update

–       Strategies for updating membership regularly

-still a challenge – because of different provincial requirements for licensure.

-Regulators across the country – can’t agree how to license in terms of examination component.

-More dialogue to look at National Licensure.

– ? Need to develop National Licensure and portability.



Membership types:

1. Regular
2. Associate

3. Student


Fees:  as in power- point presentation:

2017: AGM — increased from 20 – 40.00.

2018: NPAC Elected NOT To increase – challenge for provincial partners.

2017:  5274 NP’s – no data for Yukon and Quebec

Ontario – the greatest number

Yukon – least number

Challenge:  sustainability:  membership voluntary – rely on relationship with provincial/ territorial partners to create a voice.   Volunteer Board.  Need Liaison between provincial and national issues.

NPAC has looked at options to gather membership for sustainability: 3 options discussed:  Block vs Individual vs A percentage of provincial membership devoted to national association.  Open to other options.

Laura:  New Brunswick:  Currently Block – but NPAC membership was questioned at AGM.

Deb:  Nova Scotia:  Currently Block

Cindy:  Manitoba: Incentive for Block – Individual increase – but block membership stays the same. All members are members of NP Association. Suggestion to link to Liability protection.  Also, annual renewal that is automatic might also help.  Suggestion re a Journal of our own as Canadian NP’s: could be a benefit of NPAC.

Dani:   BC:  challenges with block membership – no mechanism to collect a fee for 2019. Looking to put together a voluntary membership.  Concern raised that individuals may not see benefit for NPAC – where provinces may through Block.

Stan talked about the many challenges that exist in collecting fees from provinces — since they all have different strategies for incorporating NPAC membership.

Ontario no longer has a Block membership.

At present no representation from Quebec, Yukon, NWT/ Nunavut, Alberta.

CNPS negotiates with each of the provinces differently

Stan explored question re fees:  multiple year fee incentive – discount?  Suggestion made that need to get the message out about what NPAC does – the work that gets done to advance the Nurse practitioner role.  Need to get people involved.  NPAC has automatic renewal with individual members, but this is a challenge with Block.

Lenora: gets the question about ‘What is NPAC doing?” at many conferences.  Mail chimp does send out information about NPAC activities, but people not opening this.  Other forms of communication are needed.  Lenora has developed a short document – about the benefits of being a NPAC member. Eg: By being a member – your name can be put forward for opportunities: CTFPHC – guideline reviews.

Lindsey – made suggestions a being a provider of CME’s – would be an additional benefit of NPAC











Stan will take ideas back to NPAC board


Stan would also like to re-engage and talk with Ontario

NPAC website under development

-Removing old items

– Bilingual

– Members to access all area of website

– NP council minutes will be added under NP council documents

– Website will post advertisements (jobs/research, etc.) for a monthly fee

Lenora provided this update:

– will be putting information on events

– people will be able to load things on themselves

– Accountant advised that when we provide a service, we can charge tax.

– up coming conferences can be posted on website

– Cindy (Manitoba) – would members have access to NPAC minutes, and financial statements? What about a monthly update of numbers of NP’s?  Discussion about transparency.

AGM – (Lenora ) –       Last:  Jan.  10, 2018 –

–       Trying to be ready end of January.

–       Plan is to schedule in March 2019 – no exact date yet.

–       Need 1-month notice.

–       Hope to have a better idea end of January.

–       Used pragmatic conferencing last year.  Will do the same this year




Will keep NP council members updated re the AGM
Brief Provincial Overview

–       5-minute status update from each provincial executive

Frankie V.  (Saskatchewan) – requested that provincial updates be moved to the top of the Agenda for the next meeting Provincial updates 1st item at Next NP council meeting.
  Frankie V.  (Saskatchewan) –Request for Exemplar’s different NP job posting

Interested in Independent practice.

Lindsey to send out information on Independent NP practice.
Other Discussions –         Lindsey would like input from the provinces about what the National association should be doing. Agenda item for the next meeting.


Next Steps

·         Upcoming Meeting Schedule

·         Required Actions from NP Council

–         Next meeting March 4, 2019 at 7:00PM EST

–         Provide any agenda items for future meetings to Lindsey

–         Meeting minutes will be sent to Lenora and Lindsey for review, and then will be sent to NP Council members for review and any corrections.

Adjournment Motion to close: Deb Hart.

Seconded:  Stan M.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:11 PM EST