NPAC-AIIPC NP Council Terms of Reference

NPAC-AIIPC NP Council Terms of Reference


The mandate of the NP Council is to:

Within the mandate, the NP Council members shall act in ways that are congruent with the Bylaws, Regulations and Goals and Objectives of NPAC-AIIPC.

Guiding Principles


Voting Members

NP Council Chair

The NP Council Chair is an elected position as a director on the NPAC-AIIPC board of directors (BOD) for a two-year term. The NP Council Chair shall be bound by the rules and duties of the NPAC-AIIPC officers and directors as outlined in the bylaws.   The NP Council Chair shall be a voting member of the NP Council and the NPAC-AIIPC BOD.

The role of the NP Council Chair as per the  bylaws includes, but is not limited to the following:

Note: NPAC-AIIPC BOD can attend any or all of the NP Council Meetings

NP Council Members

Committee Processes


The NP Council is a sub-committee of the NPAC-AIIPC Board of Directors. NP Council decisions, recommendations and proposals shall be reviewed for final approval by the NPAC-AIIPC Board of Directors.


Meetings will be held by teleconference call or online meeting, except where gathering at a general meeting or biennial conference permitting a face-to-face meeting. Where face-to-face meetings are called, electronic/virtual means will be implemented, as needed, to ensure that all committee members are able to attend

Meetings will be called by the NP Council Chair. Regular meeting frequency will be determined by the NP Council members, but will include at least six (6) planned meetings per year. Special meetings may be called by the NP Council Chair independently or at the request of any member of the committee.


A quorum shall constitute fifty percent + 1 of the voting membership of the NP Council.


Decisions are made by consensus when a quorum is present, whenever possible. Where consensus is not possible, the committee may hold a vote with the decision made by a simple majority of voting members. Dissension with the majority decision or abstention will be recorded in the minutes.

Decisions may be made by consensus or majority between scheduled meetings by electronic consultation/voting with committee members. The committee must agree to make any given decision by electronic means. The question of agreement to an electronic poll may be included as a preliminary question to the poll question.

Decisions of the NP Council will be forwarded to the NPAC-AIIPC Board of Directors for approval via the chair, before such decisions are enacted. The NPAC-AIIPC Board of Directors will review submitted decisions at the next scheduled board meeting and respond to the NP Council via the committee chair.

Agenda and Minutes

The chair will assemble an agenda for each meeting, seeking input from NP Council members and the NPAC-AIIPC Board of Directors.  The agenda will be forwarded to members at least 24 hours prior to the meeting time.

Where materials must be reviewed by NP Council members to complete the work on the agenda, these materials will be forwarded to members at least one (1) week in advance of the meeting where the materials are to be discussed. Longer periods of review may be defined at the discretion of the chair or the decision of the committee.

Meeting minutes will be recorded for each meeting. Wherever possible, NPAC-AIIPC secretary will  record minutes. However, where this is not possible, the members will select one member of the council to act as the recorder. Meeting minutes will be completed, reviewed by the chair, and circulated to NP Council members in DRAFT form within two (2) weeks of the meeting. Minutes will not be circulated or posted to anyone outside the council

Approved meeting minutes will be posted on the NPAC AIIPC website, in the NP Council forum and available to members for review.

Terms of Reference Review and Revision

The NP Council Chair will review the terms of reference with the BOD and submit any recommended changes to the Board of Directors for approval midway through the two year term and near the end of the two year term.

Approved by NPAC-AIIPC Board of Directors:

Date Approved: December 16, 2020

Next Review: As per TOR review and revision above.

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