NPAC NP Council meeting minutes – April 17, 2019

NPAC NP Council meeting minutes – April 17, 2019

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NPAC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2019 7:30PM EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)

LOCATION Teleconference  QUORUM (Y/N) Y
ATTENDEES Lenora Brace, Teresa Chulach, Alison Ross, Lindsey Cassell, Jinelle, Stan   
REGRETS Carolle 
Introduction & opening Lenora opened the meeting at 7:39 EST     
Approval past minutes March 27, 2019 Motion to approve: Alison    Seconder: Lindsey                     Approved  
Approval of Agenda  Items to add Motion to approve: Alison     Seconded: Lindsey                     Approved  
ITEM -completed Discussion ACTION REQUIRED
Reminder:  Recovery email –    
ICN NP/APN Banner on website     Thanks to Stan!   
Bilingual Website: Jose working on translation Duncan will build the site        In process In process
ISMPInstitute for Safe Medication Practices in CanadaApril 30, 2019  Zoom  April 30, 2019 – Any NPAC BOD may attend
*Membership software options? Stan  Discussion: exploring options Continue as is for now.
ICN NP/APN  2020 – sponsorship/ exhibit options Discussion: different options.   Bronze sponsorship: ICN NP/APN conference – on behalf of NPAC.  
Biennial NPAC-AIIPC partnership conference with a provincial partner to resume in 2021 (Lenora)   Discussion – re the value of this partnership conference.    Ongoing planning & discussion of the Biennial partnership conference   
Project:  Home page messaging: 1) Importance of NPs presence at the National Table 2) Importance of NPAC-AIIPC membership Discussion: need more ideas  BOD: – send ideas to Lenora 
Advocacy email to MLA in Nova Scotia Support to Nova Scotia for removal of the Collaborating MD requirement for Nurse Practitioners  Discussion:  Important for successes to be showcased   Lenora:  start update on website re Advocacy work:  successes made visible.
Canadian Association of Radiologist – (Alison) Discussion:  4 participating groups MD groups – Family practice, Emerg, Rural MD, and NP’s.        Alison to follow-up Teleconference & face to face meeting: May 2019 Plan: Guidelines release:  Sept. 2019
Follow-up:  CNA – NP Insurance Barriers  CNA – new Lead, Government Relations: Sarah Nolan   Discussion: Re NPAC Liaison with CNA & Government Relations Lead Stan will liaise – with Josette CNA   
AGM planning – 1 month notice to membership Bylaw Amendments:   ready for the AGM                Readiness: -Bylaws voting: tested & reviewed -Translated website, treasurer report, Budget development.   – Minimum: 20 regular members to attend;   4 NPAC BOD     – Weekly Social media reminders – Pragmatic conferencing capacity   Proposed date:  June 5, 2019 Time:  7:00 pm EST            (8:00 pm AST)            (4:00 pm PST)  
Quarterly Newsletter includes Treasurer report Treasurer report – simplified version website quarterly month ends March, June, Sept & December.     
Approved meeting minutes & Board meetings – Posted:  members only section website: 1-year duration Brief minute taking. Bilingual highlights:   Carolle. Lindsey & Carolle – send minutes to Duncan to link     
Consideration: BOD book/ pay for conference/ submit expense for re- imbursement     
Quebec conference:    April 4-5  Discussion points: Quebec NP ‘s interest in NPAC Lenora in discussion with:   Minister of Health – Quebec re NP scope    Luc Mathieu: Regulatory Body President Issues: NP certification exam Lenora attended Will work in conjunction with provincial counterpart
Alberta conference:     April 6-7 Discussion: Connections: provincial president (Teddy) and BOD, NP -Advanced Practice Leads Issues: Acute care vs Primary care NP needs; NP representation within Alberta NPAC promotion: NP council; encouragement to Alberta members to run for NPAC Board seat. Stan & Alison attended  Good connections made 
NPANS May 2-4    Lenora presenting May 2nd, Attendance May 4. Carolle also  NPAC booth
Saskatchewan:  May 3-4, 2019   Teresa: Logo pens
May 10, Roundtable Lyme Disease – Ottawa   Teresa 
May 27, 2019 – Montreal, Quebec – 2019 Choosing Wisely Canada National Meeting: Taking Action    Lindsey & Lenora attending
BC Conference:  May 30- June 1, 2019   Lenora – Booth – presenting at Gala – Logo pens – Banner
NPAO conference: Toronto, Sept.  12- 13, 2019   Booth option & can take Large Banner. Logo Pens?  Carolle? 
Advocacy National invitation – Pan- Canadian Vision for Nursing Roundtable from PNATF   June 12, 2019 – Ottawa Lenora 
Treasurer (Jinelle) supplementary approval for credit cards:  Lenora & Alison  Forms were sent to David – Accountant  Automatic payments: only by Lenora and Kerri – Virtual assistant    Plan:  Everything to be paperless
Automatic payment: Member – membership platform – quarterly Mailchimp – monthly Everything on primary card     
Minutes Book – include Bylaws, current directors, and uploaded into Corporations Canada   Teresa to follow-up with Minutes Book
APN Framework – Lenora did not receive this for review.    Released – without NPAC endorsement.
Membership (STAN)     Ideas: conference coverage  ~  80 memberships from Ontario  

Adjourned:  EST 9:55 / AST:  10:55                                              Motion to Adjourn: Lenora   

Next BOD meeting will be scheduled: Monday, May 13, 2019:   7:30 – 9:30 EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)