NPAC NP Council meeting minutes -March 4, 2019

NPAC NP Council meeting minutes -March 4, 2019

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NPAC NP Council Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2019 7:00PM EST

LOCATION Teleconference QUARUM (Y/N) Yes
ATTENDEES Dani Daigle (NNPBC), Frankie Verville (SANP), Cindy Fehr (NPAM), Dawn Tymianski (NPAO),), Raelynn Lagace (NPNB), Chelsea Rogerson (PEINPA), Deb Hart (NPANS), Lenora Brace (NPAC), Lindsey Cassell (NPAC), Mary Elizabeth Cooper (Alberta) Meghan MacDonald (Nfld) Sheila Laity  
REGRETS Becky Sheppard (SANP), Ashley Pylypowic (NPAM), Dawn Tymianski (NPAO), Marnee Wilson (NPAO), Kirk Dawe (NLNPA), Alisa Fowlow (NLNPA), Alison Ross (NPAC).  
Welcome & Introduction Lindsey: NP Council Chair: opened the meeting:  7:06 EST Welcome to all provincial partner and new attendees  
NP Council Approval of agendaApproval of past meeting minutesAdditional items to add to the agenda  Agenda:  Approved:   Minutes approved:  Deborah Hart Second: Frankie Verville            
BC – Dani Daigle BC   amalgamated all nursing associations in Sept. 2019. Discussion re: NP membershipNew NP positions within the province Ongoing healthcare reform to improve access Novel NP remuneration models. Digital health strategy       14th Annual NP- BC conference: May 30 – June 1, 2019 Key note:  Fostering paradigm shifts in health care         
Alberta – Mary – Elizabeth Cooper Alberta Association – Evolution of Change. 3- 5 Strategic Health – Organizational Health / Advocacy / Membership    Advocacy – Alberta Health – Govt of health Billing corrected to receive NP consults  Barriers—Nursing Home Act/ Hospitals Act: working with Alberta Govt. Issues ongoing re Union – non-Union; growing / establishing the Primary care NP workforce         
NWT/NU – Sheila Laity Discussion:  Standards of Practice NP refresher course Education: No NP program at Aurora College Vacant NP positions No block membership with NPAC    
Saskatchewan:  Frankie Verville  Discussion/ Reports: Provincial membership Membership with NPAC Titling  License maintenance – hours required Changing demographic of NP workforce  Allies:  Sask Health Authority – benefits of NP NP Association invited to the Table: National Pharmacare Visionary:  Ministry of Health –  Future of Nursing Sask NP conference – May 3, 4 – 2019   10th anniversary NP advisory committeeAll domains of practice – acceptable.                     
Ontario – Dawn Tymianski   Issues: Restructuring the Ontario Health Care system.Ongoing education post NP graduation Acute Care – Post License certificate – 4 modules. Booster Days – regional education days Joint 3-year program for MAID. Link with College of MD – Legislation – Can’t complete Form 1.  CT / MRI Recruitment and Retention – Building the workforce. 3400 NP in province. Discussion: Shadow billing (Lenora) Liaison with Quebec Nurse Practitioners to assist with political evolution of NP role    
New Brunswick   – Raylene Issues: Billing: NP – shadow bill for own patients. Change in Govt.  – Conservative – Interested in working with NP’s, what NP can do to provide access to care.  Compensation: Nurse vs Nurse practitioner    “a nurse is a nurse is a nurse” – New positions: 12 – 15 NP not employedNP representation within Unions  Discussion: Questions raised about NP replacing MD – issues re pay and workload.    
  PEI – Chelsea      Issues:  NP growth within the province  NP practice does not require a collaborative agreement with MD  Working Group with MD’s ongoing  Union representation for NP’s  CompensationPreceptorship  Billing system NP workforce: Many in specialty area and Long-term care. Many NP jobs – short of NP’s    Association membership: Trouble engaging members  Block membership – Not mandatory  Discussion: Question re overhead costs when NP provides a locum in MD practice.    .
Nova Scotia – Deborah Hart  Issues: Funding: NP Education provided in return for a position- rural area.No NP voice at Union Table – limited understanding of NP role:  NP not protected under the union  13th annual NP conference in May 2019 – lot with Indigenous populations. Conference 2020 – Hosting International council of Nurses – advanced practice conference.  – 1500 delegates from all over the world.  Membership:  ~ 200.  NP association: 76 members.   Most work in primary health care for Health Authority Enhance Education  Webinar / NP resources for students.  Amalgamate Provincial Nurses Association – all coming together – follow in BC steps.  Challenges: Collaboration with MD & Ministry of Health   
Nfld & Labrador – Meaghan Issues: Collaborative practice agreement – continuing to lobby the government – submit to govt for its removal. Lobbying for access to e- docs and EMR.  NP must pay out of pocket.  Not much success in getting this rectified. Working with professional licensing body to transition from Adult to Family and Family to Adult  Compensation and 3rd party billing – currently only Physio, MD and not NP  

Adjourned:  Motion:  Deb Heart   Seconded:  Chelsea Rogerson  

Adjourned:   9:24 pm EST (8:24 AST) 

Next Meeting:  Monday, May 6, 2019