NPAC NP Council Meeting Minutes – May 6, 2019

NPAC NP Council Meeting Minutes – May 6, 2019

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NPAC NP Council Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2019 7:00PM EST

LOCATION Teleconference QUARUM (Y/N) Yes
ATTENDEES Dani Daigle (NNPBC), Frankie Verville (SANP), Cindy Fehr (NPAM), Laura Gould (NPNB), Chelsea Rogerson (PEINPA), Deb Hart (NPANS), Lenora Brace (NPAC), Lindsey Cassell (NPAC), Mary Elizabeth – Cooper (Alberta), Meghan MacDonald (Nfld), Sheila Laity NWT – Nunavut, Kirk Dawe – Nfld, Claudio Mariano – Ontario. Alison Ross – NPAC – president elect      
REGRETS Becky Sheppard (SANP), Ashley Pylypowic (NPAM), Dawn Tymianski (NPAO), Marnee Wilson (NPAO), Kirk Dawe (NLNPA).  
Welcome & Introduction Lindsey: NP Council Chair: opened the meeting:  7:07 EST Welcome to all provincial partner and new attendees  
NP Council Approval of agendaApproval of past meeting minutesAdditional items to add to the agenda  Agenda:  Approved:  Kirk Dawe (Nfld) Second: Lenora Minutes approved:  Lenora Second: Chelsea           
AGM – Lenora Bruce Information re AGM: June 5, 2019 7:00 pm EST.  Information on members only page. President’s newsletter done. Agenda to include by-law amendments and NP council chair role description.        
NPAC/Provincial Membership – low numbers Lenora Bruce  May 5, 2019:  7, 432 Licensed NP’s in Canada: substantial increase. Some NP’s licensed in more than 1 jurisdiction: Majority- only in province where they reside. Discussion re the importance of National membership and what can be done to promote this.  Discussion re the models in various provinces, mandatory vs voluntary. Examples provided re the current situation in various jurisdictions. Discussion re bundling with CNA membership.   .     
Solidify process for membership with the Block membership. Does NPAC contact the individual directly? (Stan Marchuk)   Tabled 
Choosing Wisely Canada   – NP Guidelines for development Various examples provided of some of the recommendations / publications of Choosing Wisely.  

Discussion re Possible Best Practice Guides that could be published in the future  

Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) – willing to provide information work.  

Suggestions made of other topics that might be useful to include in recommendations/ guidelines  

Discussion re collaboration with Canadian Association of Radiologist    

Other political work:    

NPAC (Lenora) letters written to Minister of Health & Minister of Immigration re removal of barriers to promote NP practice.    

Political work in other jurisdictions;  
Alberta, Nfld, and New Brunswick includes:
Draft lettermembers could send to MLA’s   
Increases to memberships
Discussions re possible fee for service for NP’s   
Next NP Council meeting – Summer break?   Discussion re feasibility of next meeting:  Sept.  9, 2019 Discussion re need for ongoing political work  
Additions to Agenda:   NP Title designation / Regulation   Saskatchewan – NP Title designations (Frankie V.)   SRNA AGM – last week. Resolution – passed.  Title – NP.   Important starting point.   
Manitoba – currently title RN/ NP. Working to change to as NP.  


    re Titling; whether it is appropriate to work as both an RN and NP with one registration

    re research & work being done across Canada for Nurse Practitioner regulation

    re how the titling and regulation must reflect master’s education, entry to practice issues & practice hours.

    re the importance of NPAC attending these conversations and round tables. 

    re the role of employers in providing education and specialization.      
Re-establishing Biennial Conference.  Last one:  Winnipeg-  
Discussion re this:
Positive strategy to increase visibility  
Partner with province.   

International Conference (Halifax 2020)  
NPAC:   Bronze level sponsorship  
Promote attendance through various draws:  i.e. new members, students etc. 

Adjourned:  Motion: Lindsey                      Seconded:  Deb Hart

Adjourned:   8:51 pm EST (:24 AST) 

Next Meeting:  Monday, Sept.  9, 2019