NPAC-AIIPC is the national voice for Nurse Practitioners, with the goal of advocating for, and reducing barriers to NP practice. Nurse practitioners work collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team to not only provide individual patient care, but also to improve practice and community/population health, using evidence-informed, best practice and research to develop, implement and evaluate care. Our membership has representation from all regions of Canada and membership is growing all the time.  Join us today!

NPAC-AIIPC Strategic Focus

NPAC-AIIPC Strategic Focus


NPAC Bylaws – May, 2023


NPAC-AIIPC Research Policy March 9, 2019

Mission, Vision, Values


Advocating for Nurse Practitioners.


NPAC-AIIPC is recognized as the national leader for all domains in Nurse Practitioner Practice.


Respect: NPAC-AIIPC’s actions are guided by the belief that all members are valued and respected

Supportive: NPAC-AIIPC is supportive of its members and fosters collaboration and relationship building within a framework of respect and understanding

Shared Voice: NPAC-AIIPC speaks with one shared voice on nurse practitioner issues

Inclusive: NPAC-AIIPC is open to all nurse practitioners and values diverse perspectives

Transparency:  NPAC-AIIPC values the importance of maintaining trust by being accountable and transparent in its conduct