NPAC BoD Meeting Minutes – April, 2020

NPAC BoD Meeting Minutes – April, 2020

NPAC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2020 7:30PM EST (8:30 – 10:30 AST)

LOCATIONTeleconference QUORUM (Y/N)Y
ATTENDEESLenora Brace, Teresa Chulach, Jinelle, Lindsey, Stan.
Introduction & openingLenora opened meeting 7:45 (AST) 
Approval past minutes: March 25,2020Motion: Jinelle. 2nd: Lindsey.    Approved           
Approval of Agenda Approved 
RemindersDiscussionACTION Required
Mike, CNA: specific leaders – June 21, Ottawa Cancelled 
Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association 2020 Claims & Anti-Fraud conference Cancelled – COVID-19
Work in Progress  
NP Week 2020 proclamation:  Nov. 8-14, 2020 sent: Federal MH Nova Scotia: S. FraserNo response: COVID- 19 in process
Annual NP conference BC:  date -Sept. 17-19, 2020 Lenora: invite to speak Teleconference
Financial update (Jinelle)Balance /expenses providedQuarterly report: post – NPAC web site
AANP information – (Stan – fellow of AANP)  Information provided Opportunity for international extensionFellowship induction: June 2020  
Guild review – Membership software option (Stan)Discuss:  pros/cons costs needed to knowReport to NP council members. Discussion:   next NP council May 4/20   resources/nurse-practitioner-scope-of-practice-laws  Lynn – CIHI -partnership proposal NPAC. (Lenora)Data forthcoming (YK data ?pending)To assist to data verification
Publish our work with CIHI proposal (Stan)Discussion re possibilities.Stan – outline draft Members edit  
Insurance barrier campaign. Continued work with Nancy Legault & Joan Weir Health Product Food & Drug Act – Need for clarification on dispensing.ON HOLD – Pandemic COVID-19 Lenora: Draft Letter re clarification to Bruno Rodrigue -Executive Director
Great west life Disability forms (Stan)DiscussionStan will seek link at Great West Life
Trip cancellation insurance- visa card? (Jinelle/Lenora)Discussion.Tabled – members to think about this.
Virtual care consideration questions (Jinelle/Lenora)Feedback/ DiscussionForm completion by Jinelle. –
Call for Director nominations – Timing Tabled 
AGM in person? co-ordinate with provincial NP (Lenora)   Ont. & BC:  Sept. 2020; Sask. & Man: Nov.  2020NPAC -BOD in -person meetingFurther discussion – next meeting
ICN Guidelines for APN2020 re insurance barriers Info to N. Legault & J. Weir 
IC/ NPAM  – re sponsorship Nova Scotia, liaison NPACLenora in contact with Deb HartOn-going  

Adjourned:  EST: 9:32 pm    / AST:  10:32

Next BOD:   Wednesday, May 27, 2020:   8:30 – 10:30 PM    Atlantic Time