NPAC-AIIPC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – December 19, 2018

NPAC-AIIPC Executive Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – December 19, 2018

December 19, 2018 7:30PM EST


ATTENDEES Lenora Brace, Teresa Chulach, Alison Ross, Lindsey Cassell
REGRETS Kiana Mauch, Stan Marchuk


Introduction & opening Lenora opened the meeting at 7:35PM EST & welcomed everyone  
Approval of agenda Agenda presented. Additions made

Motion to approve: Alison

Seconder: Lindsey


No additions to the agenda

Approval of minutes Past minutes presented. Correction made

Motion to approve: Alison

Seconded: Teresa

Discussion completed.


Report/update questions  




Canadian Association of Radiologists Summer 2018: – Allison was contacted by a Radiology association – asking for a meeting.  She met with them in November – CAR – have put together a set of guidelines.  Reaching out to organization to participate – They will choose top 10 – then send to us –– they would like to have NPAC for our approval – that would make the best recommendations re tests that should be done for quality care and cost-effectiveness.

Lindsey stated he could help – goes hand in hand with Choosing Wisely.  They were looking for NPAC stamp of approval – Less collaboration in drawing up the guidelines – but more as a Stamp of approval.  Sounds like a very positive collaboration.  Alison was put in contact with MD lead: she is waiting to hear from this lead.


Allison to forward on to NPAC- BOD    when she receives the CAR guidelines
Briefing note PNATF Lenora shared the beginning of the briefing note. Discussion re the importance of Titling and the articulation of this.

Any literature that can be obtained to strengthen the position re the importance of Titling would be beneficial

To continue work on the Briefing note that emphasizes consistency in the NP Title.
Website   Work Lenora will be meeting with Duncan – Thursday, Dec.  20, 2018

Translation in process

Lenora – talks with Accountant – advised her that we should be charging HST if people are using our website.



Lenora to meet with Duncan
Mission Statement   Tabled 


Bylaws and correct format for Bylaw Revision




Will we be ready for an AGM January 30, 2019?



Will work through the revisions one by one – commenting in the comments box.  This needs to be done by our AGM.



We will be ready only if this information back from people, then the AGM cannot be Jan. 30, 2019.  Must have 1-month notice.  Might get pushed till Feb.  2019.  Discussion re moving this date.


BOD members will review individually in process –circling back to Lenora


AGM to be held in March 2019

Work thus far with Corporations Canada




 Kianda and Lenora in conversation.

Lenora – had been in touch with Corporations Canada.  As soon as Roberta and Aimee removed — the official address of the corporation will be the address of Allison


Mailing address will be Nova Scotia

Credit – Limit on Card is 5, 000.  Kianda primary holder.  Lenora and president elect to have supplementary cards.

Allison’s address will be the official corporation address.
Email from Mike V. – I have a teleconference Friday afternoon with Michelle Acorn re this


Discussion re the liaison with CNA – M. Villeneuve and Josette re NP Role Titling.

A follow-up phone call with Michelle Acorn is being planned



Phone call – Friday – Dec. 21, 2018 with Michelle Acorn
No response for French communications director If nothing by Dec.  23, 2018, the call for communications director will have to go out again.  We need someone to fill the role. Lindsey suggested reaching out to New Brunswick – because that is also a Bilingual conference. Lenora will send email to New Brunswick to request if there is any NP within their jurisdiction that might be interested in filling Communication role




.NP council meeting Lindsey will send out agenda between Xmas and New Year’s  




Insurance Company No date for Power Point presentation

Lindsey will start working on this

Lenora will be in touch with Lindsey re Lenora’s discussion with Joan Weir














Adjourned:  – 8:33 EST


Next BOD meeting will be: at time of adjournment – date was to be determined – now scheduled:  January 16, 2019 – 7:30 – 9:30 (EST) 8:30 – 10:30 (AST)


NP Council – Jan. 7, 2019   7:00  EST.