NPAC Council Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2019

NPAC Council Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2019

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NPAC NP Council Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2019 7:00PM EST

LOCATION Teleconference QU0RUM (Y/N) Yes
ATTENDEES Dani Daigle (NNPBC), Cindy Fehr (NPAM), Deb Hart (NPANS), Lenora Brace (NPAC), Lindsey Cassell (NPAC), Sheila Laity (NWT/ Nunavut) Claudio Mariano (Ontario), Teddy Tanguy (Alberta), Margarita Bokova (Saskatchewan), Chantal Ricard (NB), Lenora B. (NPAC) T. Chulach (NPAC) 
REGRETS Stan Marchuk  
Welcome & Introduction Lindsey: NP Council Chair: meeting opened:  7:10 EST Welcome to all provincial partner & new attendees  
NP Council Approval of minutes May 6, 2019 Agenda Approval  Additional items to add to agenda  Minutes approved:  Deb Hart Second: Cyndy Fehr Agenda:  Approved:            
AGM Update (L.  Brace) Date: Sept.  22, 2019: Sunday 7:00 – 9:00 pm Atlantic; PST  3:00 pm; 6:00 pm EST Discussion re voting, award for attendee & web-ex platform Resignation:  President Elect, A. Ross BC has Board in Council meeting on Sept 22, 2019        
Solidify process for membership with the Block membership. Does NPAC contact the individual directly? Collaborate?  Timely access to NPAC membership from Block members What membership platforms are provinces using? (Stan Marchuk) Discussion re platforms for managing membership in various provinces. .    
Vice President director role vacant  (Lenora Brace)                 A call will be put out at AGM for this position.                     
Federal government email responses to NPAC (L. Brace) All of these have been posted on the website   
New Executive Director – BC (Dani Daigle) . Update provide re current state in BC with reference to NP clinics and current change within the Province with a focus on health culture change. .
NP admissions  (Deb Hart: Nova Scotia) Discussion re NP’s scope of practice issues related to:   NP authority to admission & discharge in hospital & Long-Term Care.  Discussion re state in other provinces. Link provided from Ontario.    
    Discussion re Workman’s Compensation Board billing related to NP’s in various provinces.  Nova Scotia, Alberta and BC provided updates re what is currently happening in that province    
Open Forum for council discussion (Lindsey Cassell) Lenora:   500.00 for NP ward Nominee & Nominator need to be member of NPAC to be considered.  Deadline – October 31, 2019.  Announcement:  during NP week.  Last year recipient to l be involved with Lindsey & Carolle – Communications director.   
Nova Scotia: (Deborah H.) re letter to Ministers of Health on NP’s  Discussion letter drafted to Federal and Territorial Ministers of Health. For French translation Ready for dissemination mid Sept.  2019    
New Brunswick (Chantal Ricard)   Discussion re NP barriers to laboratory & diagnostics for self- employed NP’s in New Brunswick Updates provided by provinces re related issue  
NFLD (Lindsey)   Discussion re removal of need for collaborative agreement in NP practice. Also, discussion re EMR issues & NP practice. Practice issued related to EMR discussed by other provinces (Nova Scotia)      
Ontario (Claudio Marino) NP’s practice: can see patients’ in another province if physically located in Ontario  
Cannabis prescribing    Discussion re NP’s need to protect themselves in prescribing Cannabis across provinces, even without a license in that unique province Ontario statement:  Cannabis federally regulated   
NP Jobs  Updates provide re current job situations with reference to funding, training, barriers to practice and acute vs primary care options. Discussed NP under- utilization in education, research & management Perspectives presented:  NFLD, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, NWT     

Adjourned:  Motion: Chantal                   Seconded: Cindy Fehr  

Adjourned:  8:39  EST 

Next Meeting:  Monday, November 4, 2019 at 7 PM EST