President’s Newsletter – October 2018

President’s Newsletter – October 2018

Happy October! Where has the time gone? It’s been a busy few months since my last newsletter in August. We have been doing great work thus far.

A few highlights from the past couple months include: attending the NPAO and NLNPA conferences, completing the Canadian NP Framework and finalizing the upcoming NP Week. It’s been positive having the opportunity to meet NPs across the country to hear their experiences and discuss the current NP climate in their jurisdictions.

Thank-you for the positive feedback regarding my previous question surrounding ‘title ambiguity’. The consensus I received was that ‘nurse practitioner’ should be our consistent title. Unfortunately, this is not the case in each province and each regulator has different legislation surrounding this title. There is room to assess this nationally, along with its relationship to license portability. License portability is an issue we all face nationally and is on our strategic directional radar.

A few positive things coming your way…

NP Week:

We are excited to remind you that NP Week planning is well underway. This is the second annual national NP Week and will be held the second week of November, starting November 11, 2018. This is held in unison with the American Nurse Practitioner Association NP Week. Our goal is to gain momentum and enhance awareness of NPs nationally and internationally. We are stronger together. Start planning your celebrations!! Hold a celebration with your provincial or territorial association and share it with us. Watch for an email soon about how NPAC will help you celebrate!


NP of the Year Award:

Stay tuned for our first national NP award for recognition of an outstanding NP. You will have the opportunity to nominate a NP who demonstrates excellence in job performance and is a strong advocate professionally. for a national award of recognition and financial incentives. NPAC-AIIPC wants to connect, recognize, and support NPs across Canada; and we can only do that with your help.

Fee Maintenance:

We understand and heard that a fee increase is a challenge for many NPs in our country. NPAC-AIIPC board voted on September 12, 2018 to keep the membership fee at $40.00 including taxes. Therefore, there will be no fee increases this year.

A theme I want to start is ‘Say Something’. As the president I want to give all of you the opportunity to ‘Say Something’. We developed the first national NP Framework with input from membership. We are developing our Mission Statement possibilities and we will send a Survey Monkey to you to vote on our new mission statement.

NPAC-AIIPC is your association and it is vital to have the NP voice and perspective at the national stakeholder tables. My goal for the remaining presidential term is to be accessible to you. I will answer emails and phone calls. I need you all to ‘Say Something’. NPs in Canada need to band together to be one strong voice. We can do this work together. There is strength in numbers – creating a voice for NPs, making it imperative to have NPs consistently represented in the conversation.

Lenora Brace, MN, NP

President, NPAC-AIIPC